Welcome To Tim’s Blog

Hello, welcome to my blog.

Now why, in 2021, would I be starting a blog? Who even reads anything these days?

Surely as a video creator, I know that better than most people. Video is where the attention is!

Well, I’m not really starting this blog for the attention, views or likes. Actually I’ll be quite happy if as few people as possible read this. At least in the beginning as I learn the ropes 😅.

Here’s why I’m starting this blog:

  1. To practice my writing
    • As I move further into my life as a creator, I’m realising more and more the importance of being able to write effectively. For example, for a long time I’ve wanted to post more frequently to Instagram, but I haven’t because the captions just took me too long to write. Refining this skill has many clear uses: writing creative briefs, scripts, web content and emails to name a few.
    • And what better excuse to write than to have a blog? Yeah sure, I could write in my journal where nobody can ever see it. But the stakes are markedly higher when it’s in public and on the internet. So the idea is that I’ll be more motivated to improve.
  2. Sharing the journey
    • I find that I do a lot of consuming of content – podcasts, articles, books, Youtube video (a LOT of those). I learn all sorts of things about personal development, tech advancements, life tips, world news etc. But not much of it ever goes anywhere or sticks in any meaningful way in my life.
    • This blog will give me an excuse to summarise and consider content I’ve learned, so that I can better apply the lessons and who knows – somebody else might get to learn something too.
    • I got inspired by reading the book “Show Your Work” By Austin Kleon recently. It really made me see content creation differently. I used to think that I needed to be an expert and only show off my most badass photos/videos/content online. But it turns out that when you’re a beginner, you’re better positioned to teach other beginners than an expert can be, because you remember what it’s like for them. I’m still learning about photography and filmmaking (and always will be), and would love it if somebody out there could learn something by watching my journey.
    • By sharing stuff I’m interested in, I may also get the chance to connect with other people who share my interests.
  3. Breathe extra life into my website
    • My website, along with my social media feeds, are a bit like my life resume. At the moment, its rather static and I only update it now and then to add to my portfolio
    • Having regular new content come out will
  4. As a way to remember my life
    • Sure, there’s Instagram, which hosts a collection of nice photos that I’ve taken. Looking back at it collectively, there’s definitely a story to be seen there. But often, particularly while travelling, I want to tell more of a cohesive story. Told in many paragraphs, maybe even a gallery, rather than as disparate single posts. This is something a blog can offer.
    • Hopefully by looking back at what I’ve written, I’ll also be able to reflect and draw insights from my life in useful ways.

My sphere of interest includes technology, coffee, productivity, mindset, mindfulness, economics, sustainability, filmmaking, photography, fitness, to name a few. I might also include posts about my travels (when that’s possible again) and other random stuff I find cool.

I’m interested to see what this becomes. So if you’ve got a few minutes to waste, welcome to my journey 😉.