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About Me

Hi! I’m Tim Ha.

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, gave me an appreciation for natural beauty and living life to its fullest. As the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth is surrounded by lush landscapes and wild coastlines. I have always loved exploring, chasing stories and savouring moments. I hope you’ll find a piece of yourself in the images that I capture.

An engineer by study, I take the structure and love of technical details into my photography and videography work. I love to incorporate shapes and lines into my photos, while pulling in softness to balance this out. This is why I love landscapes, and have now moved to practicing different types of photography.

My photography profession has led me to move from Perth, to Melbourne and now to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. I am passionate about using my art to tell stories and share experiences. I believe that photography can lead to uncovering a greater understanding of the environment around us, and I feel privileged to share this with the world. Through my lens, I strive to give dignity, a voice, and pride to those that I photograph.